Enhanced Re-Languaging and Re-Framing Skills

During This Course You Will:

  • Realise the role and power of Frames.
  • Identify the structure of Meaning and its implications.
  • Refresh your skills at Content/Meaning and Context reframing.
  • Identify your own optimal frame of mind to easily play with words.
  • Integrate the presuppositions which support effective languaging.
  • Develop your personal verbal dexterity.
  • Explore the underlying structure of reframing.
  • Connect Mind-Lines to Meta-Stating patterns.
  • Familiarise yourself with the dimensions and directions of Mind-Lining.
  • Progress in these dimensions and directions a manner structured to make your learning easy.
  • Apply them in a systematic fashion on issues of your choice.
  • Learn how to apply the model with elegance.
  • Enhance your verbal leverage by semantically packing your expressions.
  • Realise how this model operates in other disciplines, perhaps even unbeknownst to the practitioners of these disciplines.
  • Structure your own knowledge of NLP with the framework the Mind-Lines model offers.
  • Have fun playing with words in literally dozens of different ways, safe in the trust that you know what you're doing and where you're going.

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