Many progressives find themselves in dismay as a majority of the electorate seem to support regressive policies. There does not seem to be the critical mass of opinion to stop the destructive momentum of international capitalism and usher in an era of sustainability and conviviality. Time and again we experience impoverished classes voting against their best interest. What is it in the progressive message or in their educating that is ineffective in overcomming the false conciousness that is being communicated by the corporate parties?

This series of articles with accompanying video presentations is a survey of a variety of methods of differentiating people’s beliefs, values and habits into distinction frameworks.  These distinctions allow us to understand the difference between the way progressives and conservative corporate supporters think as a way to better communicate and influence.  Activists could ask the question what is the cultural profile of supporters of progressive intentions and how is it different from those that support other parties? Knowing the difference between cultural profiles of political enclaves will enable activists to adjust their messaging to be more inclusive and expand the zone of influence for their messages.

The order of the day is to increase voter support for a progressive party that can implement the holistic change demanded by our times. A synthesis of Cognitive Linguistics, Developmental Psychology and new cosmology offers several strategies that can be employed to communicate affective public messaging, fundraising, canvassing and recruiting membership. Applying these insights from these many different perspectives could contribute to a more effective understanding of the Canadian population to subsequently enable greater influence and the reorganization of our economic and social systems.


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