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Modelling and Replication

In his Success Factor Modelling seminars the principle method Dilts uses to replicate inter-vision capacity is to integrate an individual in terms of his Neuro-Logical levels model that he derived from Gregory Bateson's work. In brief he uses a reflective process to identify and integrate the psycho-logical levels which are (1)context, (2)behaviour, (3)competencies, (4)values and beliefs, (5) vision and (6)mission of an individual. He looks for blockages that an individual might experience in the integration process and follows up by clearing these blockages using NLP techniques like the visual squash. He assumes that integrating a person across the Neuro-Logical levels will create conditions within the person that will facilitate inter-vision and generative collaboration.

When Michael Hall set out to model personal resilience he found the modelling tools available in NLP to be insufficient to provide an understanding that would allow for its replication in others. He found layered in the phenomena of resilience were complex phenomena like optimism, flexibility and sensory awareness to name a few. He introduced the meta-states model into NLP to facilitate the understanding and modelling of these complex states of mind.
Subsequently this meta-states model provided the world with a wealth of personal change methods and best thinking practices as a contribution to business coaching practice and to further developing Abraham Maslow's practice of Self Actualization. The field of Neuro-Semantics was thus launched as an emerging academic discipline.

Michael Hall identifies a multitude of meta-states that contribute to resilience and self-actualization. His core trainings provide a method for replicating the meta-states as a vehicle toward self-actualization and enhancing the quality of states and ultimately the quality of one's life. Hall notes that the quality of one's life is best measured by the quality of one's states.

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