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A Cog Sci Treatise for Principled Leadership in Election Campaigns

1. YouTube lecture Collapse of Complex Societies by Dr. Joseph Tainter (1.5 hours)

Like many concerned citizens from around th e world my reading of the available science is that we are rapidly approaching a singularity where we must choose as a global collective between a caring and sustainable global society and the collapse of civilization.[1] I see in the NDP principles coming from Tommy Douglas, a political path to a caring Canada. I believe that it is necesary that a political party adopt these principles tin order to lead the way to a Canada that cares for its constituents and the planet they live in. I contend Team Mulcair would have gotten better results if they paid more attention to the many modalities of fast thinking to take leadership and communicate NDP principles. This paper investigates how elements of human information processing, other than the process of slow thinking reason effected the outcome of the election.

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