• Leading the Way

    A Cog Sci Treatise for Principled Leadership in NDP Election Campaigns

    “What was behind Mulcair's forced smile? Read More
  • Replicating Peak Collaboration

    Gone are the days when a hero entrepreneur can establish an overnight success based on an individual's singular excellence. Today the key characteristic of exceptional entrepreneurship is collaboration. Read More
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Fast Thinking Zones

  • Overcomming the Conservative Communication Machine

    Many progressives find themselves in dismay as a majority of the electorate seem to support regressive policies. There does not

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  • Naming the Frame Controls the Game

    At the 2009 National NDP convention in Halifax Marshal Ganz advocated the development of a value based campaign over an

    Read More
  • Culture, Memes and the Evolution of Value Systems

    Memes From Developmental Psychology come stages of cultural development that correspond to political opinions of certain segments of the population.

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  • Rational Thought and Emotion

    Emotion cannot be separated from reason. Rational thought has at least an emotional texture to it. This has been generally

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  • The Spectrum of Emotion in Ethical Systems

    Using All the Tools in the Tool Box: Haidt proposes that there are five primary ethical emotions or capacities to

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